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Products warranted up to 25 years

FORESTAR products range offers high quality products that ensure reliability and durability.

To keep a trustful relationship with its customers, FORESTAR has developed a number warranty terms, unique in the composite industry.

Your products are protected against stains and discolorations, and against all kinds of damage.

Documentation and litterature

All advises, information, catalogue and instructions for FORESTAR products range here.

Our documentation is available to answer all your questions about FORESTAR products. Useful information and advises about FORESTAR products given by decking specialists.

Brochures and catalogs are available for decking, fences, railings, etc.

Installation guide

Some important tips before installation can be found here, read carefully if WPC products are new for you.

Read carefully before installation to ensure the installation are right and effective.

Pay special attention to the gaps that left between decking boards are this is key point for a right installation.